First Snow Grand Mesa Colorado

Nov. 01, 2004 By Jim Scogin

After Wednesday night and Thursday's weather moving through area left us with 13 inches of snow on the Grand Mesa just east of Grand Junction, CO! With the temps and forecast prediction it looks like it's here to stay for the winter. Used our Tucker Sno-Cat to extract our vehicle from a snow drift on the road out about a mile to highway 65. Haven't seen snow this early in the year that's gonna stick around for the winter. Let it snow, let it snow!

We were riding Arctic Cat 1M Mountain Cats 900 EFI with 159? track and slightly modified suspension with SledJunky's Drop Brackets. The pics were from the next day as me and my co-worker had to go out to the radar site and do maintenance. Great ride in the powder on the trails as well. The temps were in the low 20's around 10,000 feet in altitude. The area we ride ranges from the high 9000's to little over 11,000 feet. Have a nice day! Newsletter
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